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Thanksgiving Recipes

There are 290 recipes in this category (not including sub-categories).

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Main Ingredient:Chocolate, Dairy, Fruit, Grain and Cereal, Herb and Spice, Honey, Meat and Poultry, Nut, Pasta, Vegetable
Course:Appetizers, Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert, Main Dish, Side, Snacks
Cuisine:African, American, Chinese, European
Preparation Method:Baking, Barbecue, Boiling, Broil, Casserole, Crock-Pot, Deep Fry, Fry, Grill, Marinade, Microwave, Roast, Saute, Smoking, Stewing, Stir-Fry, Toasting
Dish:Burgers and Sandwiches, Cake, Candy, Cookies, Doughnut, Fritters, Jams and Preserves, Marinades, Patties, Pie, Salad, Spreads and Sauces, Waffle
Special Diet:Diabetic, Kosher, Low Fat, Vegan, Vegetarian
Difficulty:Advanced, Easy, Medium

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Santa Fe Grilled Turkey Sauteed Sweet Potatoes Sauteed Turkey with Citrus Currant Sauce Sauteed Turkey with Tequlia Cream Sauce Savory Turkey Loaf Scalloped Sweet Potatoes and Pineapple Scalloped Sweetpotatoes with Apples Scalloped Turkey and Cauliflower Seasoned Turkey Patties Second Harvest Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Sesame Turkey and Broccoli Stir-Fry Sherry Turkey Tetrazzini Sloppy Turkey Spuds Smoked Barbequed Turkey Smoked Honey-Glazed Breast of Turkey Smoked Turkey Smoked Turkey Smoked Turkey and Couscous Rolls Smoked Turkey Delight Southwestern Turkey Spectacular Frozen Corn Spiced Turkey Loaf Spicy Stewed Pumpkin Spicy Sweet Potatoes and Apples Spicy Turkey Loaf Spinach-Stuffed Turkey Rolls Stewed Sweet Potatoes Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Stuffed Thanksgiving Pumpkins Stuffed Turkey Breast with Dijon Sauce Sweet and Sour Turkey Sweet and Sour Turkey Tenderloins Sweet Potato Apple Bake Sweet Potato Mold Sweet Potato Pie Sweet Potato Puff Sweet Potato Souffle Sweet Potato Souffle Sweet Potato Souffle Sweet Potato Souffle Sweet Potato Surprise Sweet Potato Surprise Sweet Potato Tagine Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes and Apricots Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries Sweet Potatoes Baked in Oranges Sweet Potatoes in Applesauce Sweet Potatoes in Orange Cups Sweet Potatoes with Fruit Topping Sweet Potatoes with Oatmeal Topping Sweet Potatoes with Pralines Sweetpotato Puff

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