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Main Ingredient:Chocolate, Fruit, Grain and Cereal, Nut, Vegetable
Course:Dessert, Side, Snacks
Preparation Method:Baking, Boiling, Broil, Drying, Fry, Saute, Stir-Fry
Occasion:Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving
Difficulty:Easy, Medium

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Baked Fruit with Curry Sauce and Nuts Candied Citrus Peel Candied Grapefruit Peel Candied Orange Peel Candied Peels Candied, Sugared, Chocolate-Coated Grapefruit Candy Cane Rolls Caramel Apple Witches Caramelized Pears Caramelized Ripe Plantains Chilled Oranges Chocolate Spiders Chocolate-Dipped Oranges Christmas Candy Canes Christmas Candy Molds Cider Bugs Crispy Caterpillar Cocoons Critters in the Hay Double Delicious Halloween Bars Ear Wax Wieners On Cotton Swabs Easy "No-Bake" Cookies Fig Sugar Plums Glace Fruit and Fruit Syrup Glazed Figs Halloween Crisp Candy Corn Treats Halloween Spiders Halloween Truffles How To Dry Puree and Fruit Leather Jack-o'-Lantern Pops Marshmallow Popcorn Christmas Tree Marshmallow Popcorn Christmas Tree Mounds of Bugs Popcorn Snowman Popcorn Snowmen Puffed Wheat Balls Rudolph's Antlers Toasted Tongues

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