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Main Ingredient:Chocolate, Coffee, Dairy, Egg, Fruit, Grain and Cereal, Herb and Spice, Honey, Liquor, Meat and Poultry, Mushroom, Nut, Pasta, Seafood, Soy Product, Vegetable
Cuisine:African, American, Asian, Chinese, European, Middle Eastern
Preparation Method:Baking, Barbecue, Boiling, Broil, Casserole, Crock-Pot, Deep Fry, Fondue, Fry, Grill, Marinade, Microwave, Oven-Fry, Pressure-Cook, Roast, Saute, Smoking, Steaming, Stewing, Stir-Fry, Toasting
Occasion:Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Passover, Thanksgiving
Dish:Bread, Burgers and Sandwiches, Cookies, Fondue, Marinades, Mousse, Muffins, Omelette, Pancake, Pastry, Patties, Pie, Pita, Pizza, Pudding, Salad, Soup, Spreads and Sauces, Stew, Sushi, Waffle
Special Diet:Diabetic, Erotic Cooking, Kosher, Low Fat, Vegan, Vegetarian
Difficulty:Advanced, Easy, Medium

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Paillard of Fresh Fish with Salsa Beurre Blanc Pan Fried or Sauteed Yellow Perch Pan-Fried Abalone Pan-Fried Bass Pan-Fried Black Bass with Maitre D'Hotel Sauce Pan-Fried Catfish Pan-Fried Catfish Fillets Pan-Fried Catfish with Pepper and Lemon Pan-Fried Fish Parmesana Pancakes with Orange Sauce Pancetta Stuffed Flounder with Boiled New Potatoes and Hollandaise Sauce Panfish Chowder Panned Fried Fish with Pecan Topping Parmesan Chicken Parmesan Fish Saute Parsnip, Chicken and Orange Soup Patout's Boiled Crawfish Patout's Hot Crab Dip Peaches and Cream Omelette Peas and Cauliflower in Spicy Yellow Yogurt Sauce Peasant Style Fish Pecan Catfish and Sweet Potato Chips Pecan Flounder Pennsylvania Sweet Potatoes in Tangy Sauce Peppery Coconut Baked Fish with Chutney Sauce Perch with Black Bean Sauce Perch with Rosemary Perfect Corn On the Cob Perfect Fish and Chips Perky Turkey Persimmon Cream Pie Pescado Con Agristada Pike Quenelles Pink Rabbit Pirohy (Pirogi) Planked Fish Plantation-Style Catfish Fillets Plum-Teri Turkey Poached Cod Fillets with Vegetables Poached Cod in Saffron Broth Poached Eggs and Crabmeat with Brandied Cream Sauce Poached Fish Poached Fish Poached Fish with Sorrel Poached Fish with Tomatoes and Purple Basil Poached Halibut Rolls Polpettone Di Tacchino (Turkey Roll) Pork Slices with Noodles Portuguese Roast Turkey Pot Roast of Turkey with Barley Potage Au Potiron Potage Crecy Potage de Ble (Corn Soup) Potato and Cucumber Soup (Gurken und Kartoffel) Potato and Mushroom Chowder Potato and Rice Soup (Patata e Risi) Potato and Spinach Soup Potato Crusted Turkey Breast Stuffed with Jalapenos and Corn Potato Soup for Crock-Pot Potato Soup with Lemons Potato-bean Soup Potato-Corn Chowder Potato-Mushroom Soup with Apple Potato-Salmon Chowder Prassopitta (Leeks in Phyllo Pastry) Pride of Erin Soup Princess Poopoalis Portuguese Soup Prize Winning Ham and Lentil Soup Puffy Omelette Puffy Omelette Squares Puked Up Potatoes Pumpkin and Broccoli Chowder Pumpkin Curry Pumpkin Vegetable Dish Pumpkin Walnut Loaf Pumpkin, Rice and Apricots Pure Cream of Tomato Soup Pyrizhky (Baked Turnovers) with Meat Filling

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