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Baked Stuffed Flounder Recipe - Printable Version

Serves 4



1. Saute celery, onions and garlic in 1/2 stick melted butter.
2. Add bread crumbs, shrimp, crabmeat and parsley.
3. Mix well.
4. Season to taste with salt, pepper and cayenne.
5. Split thick side of each flounder, lengthwise and crosswise, and loosen meat from bone of fish to form a pocket for stuffing.
6. Brush well with additional melted buttter, salt and pepper.
7. Stuff pocket with dressing.
8. Melt remaining 1/2 stick butter in shallow baking pan.
9. Place fish in pan.
10. Cover and bake at 375 F for about 30 minutes.
11. Remove cover and bake additional 5 minutes.