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Koosa Mihshi (Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini) Recipe - Printable Version

Serves 6



1. Core zucchini to make shells about 1/4-inch thick; be careful not to pierce.
2. Rinse in cold water and drain.
3. In large bowl, mix rice, lamb, pine nuts, allspice, salt and pepper.
4. In another bowl, mash tomatoes until they are mostly liquid.
5. Add half of the tomatoes to rice and lamb mixture, stirring well to blend.
6. Stuff zucchini, leaving about 1 inch at top for rice to expand.
7. Place rack in bottom of deep pot and arrange zucchini on it, placing them with open ends up.
8. Add remaining tomatoes with enough water so that zucchini are about 3/4 covered.
9. Cover pot tightly and bring to a boil.
10. Simmer on medium heat until rice is done, for about 35 to 40 minutes.
11. Gently remove zucchini to warm platter.