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Good Pancake Tips Recipe



    Making good pancakes depends on three factors: mixing the batter to the right consistency, heating the griddle properly and recognizing when to turn the cakes.

    Whether making pancake batter from scratch or from a packaged mix, stir it just enough to moisten the dry ingredients. The batter should remain lumpy; overmixing makes pancakes tough. For best results, cover the batter and refrigerate one to two hours so the flour expands and absorbs the moisture.

    To cook the batter, preheat the griddle over medium heat. It's ready when a few drops of cold water sizzle and dance when sprinkled onto the surface. If the water just sits and boils, the griddle isn't hot enough; if it evaporates instantly, reduce the heat.

    Brush the griddle lightly with oil unless it is a non-stick surface or is well seasoned. Other types of fat - shortening, butter or margarine - may be used.

    The easiest way to check the consistency of the batter is to cook a trial pancake. Typically, 1/4 cup batter forms a pancake about five inches in diameter. Pouring the batter close to the griddle surface helps to keep the pancake round, and using a measuring cup assures uniform size.

    Pancakes are ready to turn when bubbles form and begin to break on the upper surface and the edges look dry. Turn with a spatula wide enough to accommodate the size of the pancake. Normally, the first side needs to cook two to three minutes, but the second side will cook in about half that time. Turn the pancakes only once. The pancake should turn out golden-brown, light and tender and cooked through in the center.

    If the batter is too thick, adjust with a little water; if too thin, add a little flour.

    Pancakes are best served at once, either in a stack with syrup or stuffed, rolled or glazed with a sauce and then placed under the broiler.


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