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Almond Recipes

There are 89 recipes in this category (not including sub-categories).

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Course:Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert, Main Dish, Side, Snacks
Cuisine:African, American, Asian, Chinese, European
Preparation Method:Baking, Deep Fry, Fry, Roast, Stir-Fry, Toasting
Occasion:All Soul's Day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving
Dish:Bread, Cake, Cookies, Doughnut, Muffins, Pancake, Pastry, Pie, Salad, Spreads and Sauces, Waffle
Special Diet:Allergy, Diabetic, Low Fat, Vegan, Vegetarian
Difficulty:Advanced, Easy, Medium

Recipe List

Almond Baked Cod Almond Bread Almond Cookie Wreaths Almond Cookies Almond Cookies Almond Cookies Almond Cookies Almond Cookies Almond Cookies Almond Cookies Almond Cookies Almond Cookies Almond Cookies Almond Crescent Almond Joy Chocolate Pie Almond Macaroon Cherry Pie Almond Pistachio Saffron Curry Sauce Almond Poppy Muffins Almond Poppyseed Muffins Almond Puff Almond Puff Almond Rice Muffins Almond-Poppy Muffins Almond-Pumkin Muffins with Struesel Topping Almond-Streusel Peach Pie Almond-Stuffed Pears Almond-Topped Pear Pie Altdeutxche Brotchen (Old German Muffins) Amaretto Chocolate Fudge Pie Anne's Best Puffed Pancake with Black Cherries and Almonds Apple Almond Pancakes Apple-Almond Stuffed Turkey Apricot Almond Chewies Baked Almond Catfish Baked Fish with Almond Stuffing Banana Cream Pie in Almond Crust Black Beauty Pie Black Forest Pie Caramel Cookies Chinese Almond Cookies Chinese Almond Cookies Coconut-Almond Muffins Croissants Pignons (Pine Nut Crescents) Crunchy Almond Apple Pie Dairy Hollow House Almond Pie Danish Almond Ring Danish Cockscombs with Almond Filling Dead Men's Legs Cookies Fladle Uberbacken (Swabian Pancakes) Ghost Cookies Giant Almond Florentines Ginger-Almond Florentines Gundula Ring Hershey Almond Pie Honey-Almond Rugelach Italian Cookies Italian Macaroons Lacy Cookies Lehigh County Oatmeal Cookies Lemon Almond Madeleines Lemon Butter Wafers Mayors Braid (Borgmeister Krans) No-Bake Strawberry Pie Old German Muffins Orange Almond Honey Muffins Orange Flower Almond Cookies Orange-Almond Cookies Ossa Da Mordere ("Bones To Chew") Pan Doughnuts (Bread Machine) Prune and Almond Tart Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins Raspberry Almond Muffins Red Dot Almond Cookies Russian Tea Cakes (Mexican Wedding Cookies) Schnecken Special Chocolate Chip Sandwiches Strawberries Romanoff Muffins Swabian Pancake Rolls Tejas Smoked Turkey Salad with Almond (Anaheim) Toffee Crunch Cookies Tortas De Aceite Turkey Almond Stir Fry Twin Dragon Almond Cookies Vegan Banana Muffins Very Healthy Waffles Wainwright Inn Puffed Pancake with Black Cherry Wreath Cookies Zimtsterne Zimtsterne

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